Do Less. Be Better.

A specific and targeted commercial approach to help you:

Master those coveted, big, brand-imaging TV auditions.

Submit them with confidence.

Step out of your booth and into your day like a boss. 



Saturday January 22nd, 3pm-6pm PT - Sunday January 23rd, 9am-4pm PT

via ZOOM


In this 2-day, 9-hour workshop, I'll make sure you: 

  • recognize a brand imaging spot the minute you see one. 
  • know exactly how to approach the audition - from vocal placement to mic placement, from imagining the scenario to establishing a relationship.
  • avoid the common traps most voice actors fall into so you don't end up sounding like everyone else.
  • walk away with the tools you need to deliver a competitive read on the most coveted auditions (and most lucrative jobs) in commercial voiceover. 

AND... discover the secret to:

  • What makes a Brand Imaging commercial different from other TV commercials.
  • How your voiceover performance, done well, works in concert with picture and music to create a spectacular commercial.
  • Doing less - a lot less - while achieving a remarkably powerful, authoritative, anthemic read.


The workshop occurs via ZOOM across two days at the following times:

Saturday, January 22nd, from 3:00pm - 6:00pm PT  


Sunday, January 23rd, from 9am - 4:00pm PT (with one hour break for lunch).

Reserve your spot today! 

Please note you will receive a Zoom conference room link one day prior to the event.