Eternal Truths of Voiceover

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2020

Hello my dear voiceover colleagues. Welcome. And thank you for joining me here on yet another social media platform: The blog.

Some of you may know that through the course of my voiceover career, I've also been a writer. However, I've never written about voiceover, preferring instead to write poems, collections, short pieces, and the like. Well, we're well over 6 months into COVID realities and I'm all poem-ed out. It's time to do something new, something pithy, something helpful for the community I work in and love. So, to begin this blog, over the next weeks and months I'm going to share with you some of the eternal truths and insights I've gleaned over these last ... ahem... 3 decades in the magical world of voiceover. Now, my experience is just that. My experience. Make of it what you will. Take it or leave it.  Actually, I hope you take it - if only for the sake of my having been around as long as I have. Surely I have a VoiceOver leg to stand on. ;-)

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