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Complimentary Resources

Below are two solutions for common roadblocks in a commercial read, whether you need to sound more authoritative or more like a "real" person. Choose one or the other. Or both! Then, if you've been at VoiceOver for awhile and are hitting some roadblocks, check out my thoughts on career reinvention and revitalization.

The Perils and Pitfalls of Upspeak.

Having trouble owning your announcer read? Here's a free mp3 download with a simple trick to help you sound more authoritative no matter if you're reading a commercial, a promo, or narrating just about anything!

Get Sloppy With Your Diction.

If you're a voice actor who's come from radio or news, you've probably been told you need to "get rid of the radio in your read" - to sound more like an authentic "real person." Here's an mp3 with unconventional tips to help you sound like the guy/girl next door.

Thoughts on Reinventing Your VO Career

What happens when your work isn't working anymore? What's required to shift directions and revitalize your career? Join me for a 40 minute chat on the ups and downs of my own career and the pivotal experiences that helped me survive and thrive in VoiceOver for over 35 years.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Your understanding of what makes a Brand Commercial read different from other commercial reads was clear. You met talent where they were and moved them forward. You were kind, supportive, encouraging and helpful to each talent. Your gentleness, kind words, and encouragement fed my heart. You really are a special voiceover coach, Kay. Maybe the best out there."

Maggie Pistner

"I just finished a session of auditions, and your love of the work and your reverence for good copy spoke to me loud and clear as I was doing them. I think what I needed, and received from you, was a sense of beauty in the work. Your way with each participant was so kind and expert. It was the way in which I'd always like to be treated in coachings, auditions, and jobs."

Susannah Mars

"Kay has a uniquely brilliant approach to coaching VO talent, and also a very special VO pedigree that she willingly shares with her students. During one session I had with her, there was a connection we created to the message the client needed... that was nearly emotional for me. 'Trust and be Brave'... yeah, its a thing."

Brad Hyland

"Kay Bess makes testimonials hard to write. If she were a one-trick pony things would be much easier. But during my journey in voiceover, Kay has gone from podcast host to coach to advisor to mentor to friend. So my advice is simply this: if your path crosses with Kay's, consider yourself fortunate - and if you ever get the chance to work with her, take it."

Angus Macleod

"I love that Kay brings over 35 years of acting and voice acting experience to her coaching. It's like working with an encyclopedia - but distilled down to smart, usable nuggets I can apply to my auditions and to my jobs. Working with Kay has allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident in my own voice over "skin" and that has made me a better voice actor. "

Dani States

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