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Who Is Kay? And Why Should You Trust Her?

Kay Bess is an American voice actor and native Southern Californian, from Santa Barbara. She trained in The School of Dramatic Arts BFA Acting Program at The University of Southern California and studied Philosophy at UCLA. She studied Meisner Technique at The Ruskin School in Santa Monica and is a member (on-leave) of The Actor's Co-op Theater Company in Hollywood.  Kay has worked as a voice actor for nearly 40 years...


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You've learned the actions you should be taking but what about things to AVOID while pursuing your voice acting dreams?  

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Check out offerings and opportunities to coach privately with Kay or in Kay's favorite setting: Group Workshops. Looking for a guest speaker at your next VO conference or workshop? Look no further!


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To Demo or Not to Demo. That Is the Question.

Mar 02, 2021

Self-Sabotage and the Valley of Despair

Dec 08, 2020

Complimentary Resources

The Perils of Upspeak

Having trouble owning your announcer read? Here's a free mp3 download with a simple trick to help you sound more authoritative no matter if you're reading a commercial, a promo, or narrating just about anything!

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Get Sloppy With Your Diction

If you're a voice actor who's come from radio or news, you've probably been told you need to "get rid of the radio in your read" - to sound more like an authentic "real person." Here's an mp3 with unconventional tips to help you sound like the guy/girl next door. 

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Thoughts on Reinventing Your VO Career

 What happens when your work isn't working anymore? What's required to shift directions and revitalize your career? Join me for a 40 minute chat on the ups and downs of my own career and the pivotal experiences that helped me survive and thrive in VoiceOver for over 35 years. 

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